Thursday, June 24, 2004


I had a really bad night. See, politics in this job are a big thing. Piss off the dispatcher and you ain't makin any money. I must have done this somehow. Granted it was very slow, but there were calls going out there. Thankfully I managed some decent tips or I'd be starving today based on what I booked.

My first call of the night was from Sweethearts (strip club) all the way to the top of Wood Ave. past Inman Ave. (PS - I HIGHLY suggest not EVER hanging out at that club. Nasty.) He is completely wasted. So he tells me he has no money on him (I wonder why) and needs to go in the house to get it. I tell him ok, but I have no change on me, you are my first fare of the night. He says this is fine. So we get to his house, he takes his sweet ass time coming out and asks me for $10 change. Grr. So now we need to go to Quick Check. He gets out of the car, goes into the pizza place & comes out eating a slice of pizza, he says "ok, I ordered my food it will be a few minutes". WHAT!! Ordered food? You bastard. So he gives me the money, and wanders into Quick Check. 10 minutes later, I called Steve and explained what was going on and can I leave his ass. Steve proceeds to freak out. "What do you want me to tell you, do whatever you want Carmello gave you the call I have no idea what's going on. I have calls coming in that will make me money." Click. Only wanted to let him know what was happening when the guy inevitably called him. Oh well. I tore ass out of there for sure.

A regular from the train home from work.

Green Street, these bastards. A group of kids stood on the corner looking like they had nowhere to go for 10 minutes finally come sauntering over to the car. When they got in I asked them what the hell was that for, and they replied that the dispatcher told them 15 minutes, and I came in 5 so they waited till 15 minutes to get in the car. The balls on these kids today I swear.

Few more quiet regulars from the train home.

An airport call. I drove through the terminal 3 times, each one getting out of the car & yelling "Checker". Almost get a ticket for stopping traffic. Finally on the 3rd time I find the guy. He gets in and sighs "finally". I tell the dude I drove through 3 times and he tells me I'm bullshitting. Whatever. So now he's mad that I don't remember him and where I picked him up to take him to the airport 2 weeks ago. Ok dude I have seen like 300 people since then, please don't act so incredulous I don't remember what kind of wallpaper you have on your walls or whatever. He only has a $100 bill which I can't break. Yes it's been slow. I'd booked less than $50 by then. So I stop at one gas station who can't break it either. Dude is now officially freaking out. Finally I get to a gas station who can break it, but he makes sure to pump gas into all 4 cars in the lot before helping me. Fine.

Mary is going home. She kind of makes me feel better & worse by telling me the shitty night she had finding out her ex is having a baby with some crackhead. Mary complains a lot, but there is something in her voice tonight that makes me truly feel bad for her. Sorry Mar.

Then I pick up one of the most talkative guys EVER. I tried to ignore him a few times but he just kept going till he got me to talk back to him. He needed to strap a bike into the trunk, then he starts telling me he graduated 4 hrs. ago, and his girlfriend is camping in her friends backyard, and he needs a car but insurance is too expensive, and he wants to buy an old cop car, and his friend works at an auto shop that services cop cars, and his friend can get him a new engine, and all about how engines work, and I look young to drive a cab how old do you need to be?, and maybe he'll do that, he needs a job at night, and he's gonna take the civil service test, and he wants to be a cop and, and, and... Told you he was talkative.

Yayy a great Type-O song comes on the radio. A looooong Type-O song which I spend pretty much all of waiting for some dude to get in the car. He looks to be about 50 and tells me to "Turn this shit up!!" Ok, no prob!
This is my last official call for over 2 hours.

Another driver comes back from AC, and needs a ride home with his son & junkie (seriously) girlfriend. She won on slots, they broke even on poker. This guy & his son are major gamblers. His son's only ambition in life is to be a professional gambler. He has no other job.

So now I finish reading the entire paper cover to cover. (even every classified ad) Complete the crossword, the jumble, and the word search. I told you it was slow.

I get a call in Iselin that turns out to be a kid who grew up around the block from me, and we have a pretty intense discussion about Tool for 5am. I let him know that my little bro is going to be here this weekend for his 21st b-day, and he promises to come out.

Last call is a guy going from Fords to the old soldiers home. He was the sweet little old man type. Very cute.

FINALLY Gas up & Go Home. Hope tomorrow is better.


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