Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's here

Ok, I'm much better now. Thank you. So last night was really busy, but somehow I didn't make any money. Again I'm not sure what I did to Steve, but he hates me for some reason. There were nothing but big fares going out last night, and got nothing but single digit fares all night. I actually only had 4 fares that were over $10, and 2 of them were before Steve came on. Dammit. He did send me for a $65 fare to Long Branch at one point, but before they got there he sent me somewhere else and put someone else on the call. That sucked.

Anyway, my first call of the night was awesome, it was these 4 drunken Portugese guys off one of the oil ships. They didn't tip a penny, but they were so much fun. Surprisingly they weren't rude either, they did hit on me but it was never rude. They were going from Moby Dick's to Breathless, and all they kept saying the whole way was "Go Go, Go Go". One of them in the back did a pretty good George Bush impression. When I told them my name, they started singing it out like the drunken sailors they were. I dropped them off and they said they were going to ask for me, but Mike ended up getting them instead. (He says the whole ride they kept asking for me though)

The next woman I picked up made me wait 20 minutes before telling me She wanted to be picked up on the other side of the building. Bitch.

Then I took a regular guy to work. He works at one of the trucking companies unloading the trucks. I guess he had a busy night, cause I never heard his call go out to go home.

Next, we were late as hell getting some chick to work at the Turnpike rest stop, which she certainly let me know about. The next fare as well, some Arab dude going to the same place that I could have grabbed together
if he had called 5 minutes earlier.

I brought I stripper to Charlie's Angels, who made my skin crawl by sucking and chewing on ice the whole way. She kept calling me ma, I think this is some new rap slang like shorty or something, I keep hearing this lately.

Willy was next, and he was so wasted he couldn't remember why I won't pull up his driveway, but he did go through his entire spiel on how I need to wait for him to get away from the car and blah blah blah.

The next call was a freakin mess. Let me give you a little back story. We used to have a driver that I was pretty good friends with, (I actually miss him a lot as now I have nobody to call in the middle of the night and bitch about work to) who had a very jealous girlfriend. She actually called me one night flipping out because my phone number was on his phone. So this was the girlfriend. She was drunk as hell, going to some guy's house, while telling me she was running away from her boyfriend. She tells me all about how this boyfriend is crazy, and threatens to kill her and steal their daughter, and all sorts of other drama. She also tells me how he cheats on her, as she is on her way to this dude's house.
I know this other driver had his problems, but the picture she is painting is a really ugly one. She didn't tip either.

I grab a 6 pack from the Main and run it over to the Mexicans on Kimball. This proves to be really difficult as TT (I mentioned him the other day) is in the bar (and drunk) and follows me to the car, refusing to let me leave. (I did manage to leave, but it was after threatening never to pick him up again)

I grabbed a guy off Woodbridge train and took him home.

Now, I get sent for the Long Branch, but before they get there he sends me to get Annie. OK I can deal with losing the good fare to get Annie, but that's not what happens. I get over to Fridays, and Annie's not outside, so I figure good, I can run in to get her and pee. So I park the car, lock the doors and go inside. The bartender tells me Annie already left, this guy passed out over here needs the cab. So as I'm unlocking the door, I feel this guy grabbing me from behind. I freaked out and pushed him off me and was just about to knock him out when I realized he was just stumbling, drunk. He's lucky. So now he passes out in the car (thankfully after I realize who he is and where he lives, since he's going to Clark) I manage to smack him awake in front of his house, he hands me some crumpled bills, (which don't include a tip) gets out and falls face down in his driveway. Oops.(I said to myself as I drove away quickly)

Back to get the girlfriend at the dude's house. Now she's even drunker, and crying because the police are at her house. I'm not totally sure why, she gives a few explanations (one of which include her calling them) but none of them make much sense, and she has me drop her off 4 blocks from her house. While I have her with me, I get another guy. This is the guy from the other night who wanted to know my life story. This guy is another one who is lucky he has limbs after grabbing my shoulder and attempting to rub it, he overtips to compensate for me yelling at him. Fine with me.

A few quiet people pass. An old friend of my brothers. And a few down moments when I finally get to pee.

Finally I do get Annie, and she's drunk as well. She says she left Friday's because this drunk guy was freaking her out. Thanks Annie I got him instead. She gets home with a minimal amount of trouble and now I can't hold my eyes open. I actually pored some water on my face on the way home just to not fall asleep. It was pretty scary. I drop the car off at the Forge, where P.C. (see post on other drivers) lives and will drive it to work in the morning, and head back to the office. I think Steve is happy he's rid of me for the night.

Gassed up and gone home. I think I'm gonna stop writing this after today, It's corny.


Blogger Moonlighter said...

If this was the night when the drunk sailors going to Hess 2nd reserve, were asking for ya, then I was the one that went to Long Branch, the guy was like half a dick, the other time he was sleeping. I dropped him at Long Branch train.

7:02 AM  

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