Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Nothing Doing

Unfortunately, I don't have too much to report tonight. It was pretty slow, and (thankfully for me, sadly for you) everyone was pretty quiet.

My first dare <--- (went to fix spelling on this to say fare, but I think it was some kind of fruedian slip so I'm leaving it) of the night was this asian woman we pick up at the mall. This woman is freakin NUTS! It's hard to explain how, but ask any driver about Bergen Street and watch them roll thier eyes. There was another fare with this one, but she gets in the car, pays, and gets out of the car. A cabdriver's dream.

Some dude went from the mall to Carteret.

This guy from Riffy's I think he's some kind of owner or manager there. Everybody but me knows who he is, all I know is he hands you $10 for a $5 fare.

Next is some woman going to Bunns Lane with 2 massive laundry, I think she was moving in there. Also quiet.

Howie to the bar. Even Howie's quiet tonight. A guy jumps in with Howie goes to Carteret. Again not a talker.

Someone to work. No tip.

One of the Mexicans from Chi Chi's. He tips.

Now I get sent over to Dunkin Donuts in Fords in search of someone going to Jersey City. Naturally there is no one there. Gotta love the ghost calls. For some reasom I tend to get tons of these when Carmine's on the desk.

I pick up this couple from Moby's to Perth Amboy. The alcohol coming off of them is enough to get me drunk. At least the weren't obnoxious. The next guy however...

This dude is way too hyper. As soon as I think this, almost in explanation he offers me a line. Thanks but no thanks. I did accept a lighter from him though. I asked him for a light and he let me keep it.

Then I head for this kid whom I take all the time. He goes from Woodbridge to Fords. He never talks, and when I try to say anything to him I usually get a grunt if anything. Tonight he actually has me drop him off by his house, usually it's the corner.

I was on my way to get Annie when my direction changes to the airport. It begins to pour. So I hydroplane my way up there and find a woman going to Iselin. She was staying in a resort in Pheonix on buisness. It must be nice. She tipped very well though, for the weather she says. Hey, no complaints from me!

Strange guy who works at Wendy's. Lives in Fords.

And finally an old driver who now works at UPS calls & requests me. His car broke down in the parking lot. D'oh. So...

Gas up and go home.

PS - again, good for me and bad for you, not EVERY night is crazy. (just MOST of them!)


Blogger eM said...

Hi, I love your blog. I didn't know there were women cabdrivers! In India, where I live, there are none and I'm pretty sure all the 'Taxi-drivers' don't have computers or even if they do, probably don't use it for blogging. I'd like to know more about you, so I've bookmarked you and I'm going to keep checking in. Just wanted to tell you that you're doing a good job. :)

8:38 AM  
Blogger Checkerchick said...

Thank you very much Minna, believe me there aren't that many feamle cabdrivers over here either, it's part of the reason I wanted to write this blog. I look forward to hearing any comments you may have, and will be checking in on your blog from time to time as well. :)

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dumbass

you would make more money if you learned how to do math

exit 11 is $1.40 each way add them together thats$2.80 the fare becomes $32.80 so tell them $33 covers it good luck tonight with Mr. perfect hopefully he got laid and isnt in such a shitty mood

8:34 PM  

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