Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Quiet, Good Or Bad?

Well, for the most part, the night sucked. Dead. Booked less than $100 tonight, and the freakin dispatcher needed a serious tampon or something. He can be so moody, and when Steve ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

So my first fare of the night was this couple headed from Carteret to the LaMirage via Suchs Bar. I was actually quite surprised to find that the girl who seemed nothing but ignorant at first was actually pretty cognizant and empathetic. Actually a pretty sweet girl. Aside from the fact that she was headed to a cheapo motel with a bunch of liquor and said she was going to call in 2 hrs for a ride home.

Now we head off to pick up another driver, Mary. Mary is drunk and freely admits this. She's headed from the Main to the Glass Bar. Crappy bar to crappier bar. Ouch.

Next guy complained my air freshener made his allergies bad. Sorry, but some of these people friggin STINK! My Avon Vanilla body mist goes everywhere with me! (I don't wear the crap just douche the cab with it.)

Willy. Dammit Willy's next. Let me explain Willy and my history with him a little bit. Willy has some kind of weird issue that makes him have a hard time walking. (My opinion is he makes a lot more of it for sympathy than it really is.) I think it's some kind of rotting on the bottom of his feet. (Seriously.) So he always makes a big deal that when you drop him off you can't pull away until you have watched him walk into his house or the store or whatever. He will tell you exactly HOW to drop him off every single time he is in your car. Usually Willy insists you drive him all the way up his driveway to his back porch. The problem with this is his driveway is about half as wide as the car is with big bushes on either side. So the last time I pulled up this driveway, the bushes scratched the shit out of the side of the car, I almost got fired for that one. They were convinced that I sideswiped something and ran. Honestly I wasn't even aware of it until the next night when I was getting yelled at. It was the passenger side for one, and it's dark when I work, so I never noticed. Who would think bushes could wreck a car? So anyway he wasn't happy I wouldn't pull in the driveway, but he finally deals by telling me that I have to wait for him to get in the house flick his bedroom light. Whatever. See ya!

Then I get a Raritan Center call. It turns out to be a girl that i went to high school with and sort of ran in a few of the same circles. Grr. Not that I don't like reminiscing as much as the next guy, but I don't really like talking to people that much. She wants to stop at Walgreens and spends 10 minutes in there. She comes out with like 10 bags and somehow managed to go grocery shopping in a pharmacy.

Then I pass an hour sitting at WB train station. Yayy. Finally I manage to snag a Carteret off a train. He proceeds to light a blunt upon entering the car. Great, now I get to be tired, AND smell like pot. Avon Vanilla to the rescue!

Another hour passes, but this time I'm sitting in the office with Steve watching some LifetimeTV sitcom, (Told you he needed a tampon!) and listening to him scream at customers on the phone. This gets me sent off to pick up one of these (now pissed off) customers. The guy seems to have a hard time telling me where he lives. (Now I know why Steve was yelling at this one at least) Then in an amazing flash of brilliance he says "You must think I'm a complete idiot." There's hope for the human race yet.

Annie's next. She is awesome. She goes from work hopme just about every night. She always tips double her fare. She's a bartender at a Sheraton, and one of the sweetest yet kick your ass people you will ever meet. She moved into a new apartment and is looking forward to her vacation in the beginning of July, also she has aquired a really hot roommate.

Another very long hour.

Walter Drive. Screaming Woman. Hospital FAST!. Husband says "we think it's ribs" what ever that means, I think he did it. He keeps quietly telling her to calm down and shut up, nobody wants to hear her scream. Young child with them as well. Bear in mind it is 4:30 am. Child is crying too. But very very quietly. Not a pretty scene. He tipped $2.00. He seemed too happy. Whole thing very unsettling.

Another LONG hour and just a regular morning train person.

Some talk in the office about another driver Brian. We are now convinced he is some kind of pedifile. He says he's just working here till he can afford his day care center. If you met the dude once you realize just how creepy a thought this is. maybe on one of my days off I'll write an entire post introducing you to the other drivers. (This could be an entire blog on it's own. Some strange cats indeed.)

Gas up and go home.


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