Saturday, June 26, 2004

Wet socks suck.

It was pouring rain when I woke up tonight. So before I even get started for the night, as I'm walking in, there is this HUGE puddle, no scratch that, lake in front of the door to get in. No choice but to walk through. So now my feet are wet for the night, and we all know there is pretty much no grosser feeling in the world than wet socks. Please Taxi Gods don't let this be a sign for the night! Guess what...

First call is a drunk guy with one arm. He's only going around the block, but can't slur out the address. I ask him to just point the directions out. (Bad wording.) But nonetheless he tells me he loves me as he gets out of the car. This is why I like the drunks, it's nice to be told you're loved.

Then the first of many, many ghost calls. (A ghost call is when you go for someone and nobody's there.)

I pick up a girl to bring to work at a diner. She has also switched shifts, I used to take her when I was on the day shift. Now she works nights as well.

Some crazy people from Avenel are going to Linden. Well one of them is going to Quick Check and back, the other 2 on to Linden. The guy keeps trying to offer me gum, I don't know why, but he keeps insisting I take some of this gum. It almost seemed like he was pushing drugs. Maybe I should have taken the gum...

I can't take Route 1 back because it looks as though there is a truck accident and it's closed, so I take 35 back. Tim (who dispatched till about 2) sends me to Bud's Hut. Ghost Call. Main Tavern. Ghost Call. Chi Chi's. I'm pulling in the lot and he says forget it, get Jammers. I wish I wish I didn't get Jammers.

Jammers is a guy who speaks very little english and is going to Newark. He says he doesn't know how to get there. So I get directions and jump on the Turnpike. About half way up he starts freaking out. (imagine this in broken english) "No NO Newark 10 minutes Avenel what happened?" So I tell him yes we are going to Newark, relax we're almost there. So from about exit 13A all the way to his house he's screaming and freaking out. I get to the exit I'm headed to and he's really panicking now. "No No Newark Newark!" Over and over again. Now I'm getting mad. So naturally I start yelling back at him. "We're in Newark. Where the fuck do you think we are?" So now we are a real special sight, sitting in line at a toll booth screaming at each other. The only time I've ever screamed at a customer this much I finally tell him "shut the fuck up dude you are an asshole". Contrary to what you may believe this did not make him stop yelling. (nobody ever said I have people skills.) He keeps going and I tell him if he doesn't shut up, I ain't taking his ass to Newark but to a police station. He didn't like that either. Finally we get to the toll collector and I ask him to please tell the idiot in the back seat that we are in Newark. He just laughs. Finally I get the guy out of the car and head back to sit in traffic. (The truck accident I mentioned has been cleared, but the road is still closed for some godforsaken reason.)

I should just go home now. I should re-name this site sado-maso-chick instead.

I pick up a guy at the Main who tells me all about how much money he makes working at the NY Stock Exchange. But I'm taking him from the Main Tavern (5 old guys sitting on the stools) to the City Motel Tavern (3 old guys sitting on the stools). Yeah you're rich buddy.

Then I got a guy from the Holiday Inn in Carteret who blew a tire getting off the Turnpike and had no spare. He was actually pretty cool, easy conversation all the way.

Back to the Main for 2 drunks, one of which bartends at the VFW, and usually is too wasted to get into the car, and the other is carrying a (probably stolen) neon sign. Thankfully that goes smoothly. Neon sign guy tips really well.

A few quiet people take their rides and get out.

I take Annie home, and she listens to me bitch about how mean Steve is being lately. She's always good for that. I guess it comes from 15 years as a bartender. She also offers to have him "taken care of for me", nice offer, but I know Annie is damn serious.

Now I'm sent to pick up on a corner in Woodbridge. Turns out to be TT, a previous driver. TT never wants to go home and literally begs me to let him ride for a while. He says he misses the job. TT took a DWI to help someone else out. He wasn't driving, but the guy who was depended on his drivers license to live. So TT took the fall for him and lost his license, and consequently his job. I feel bad for him and figure why not? So he rides along for a while.

We go to pick up the bartender from the Main. He tells another way too descriptive story about how he burned his ass falling asleep on a heating pad. People seem to get into my cab and think I want intimate details about them for some reason. I really don't. Really.

Since I'm up in the area, I grab Jen (another driver) and bring her into work. She's nuts she works 4am - 4pm. That's a crappy shift.

I get 1 airport and it's someone TT knows, his best friends mom. She didn't tip though. She's a flight attendant, and is headed to Cancun today. 1 round trip, 8 hours, and she makes $750. Where did I go wrong in life?

Last fare is a waitress from the REO home, and then to drop TT off. I get back to the office and Steve is bitching about how stupid all the drivers are. Last impressions are just as memorable as first ones. Kind of like how the last song you hear on the radio in the morning sticks with you all day...

Gas up & Go HOME!!!!!!!

PS - I never work on Saturday nights, so have a good weekend and I'll be back here early Monday morning with Sunday's events.


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