Friday, July 23, 2004

Rain Wash O'er Me

Ok, so it's freakin POURING!!! Yuk. (Tuesday & Thursday's posts are drafted on my computer at home, so I will put them up tomorrow.)  As soon as I pulled up at the office this morning & put my car in park the skies opened up. Figures. Then there were no cars for an hour so I sat around  & waited.

Finally a car comes in, and I take an Indian woman her daughter to Carteret. On the way I pick up these 2 little boys and drop them in Port Reading. The thing about it that bothered me was they couldn't have been a day over 12 if that even, and as soon as they got out of the car they both lit cigarettes. I smoked young too, but seeing it just bothered me.

Then I get a woman in Carteret to the food stamp place in Perth Amboy. She has "skinny bald Puerto Rican Carl" (her words not mine) pay for her.

Next the Hess Plaza building to the Ramada by the airport. This ride sucks!! It's past the airport on 1&9 south. No one could tell me if it was past the airport or not though. So I take the Turnpike up through exit 13, and fight my way over to Rt. 1 through Elizabeth. Rt. 1 is a fucking mess, it's absolutely torrential rain. So I see the hotel, but it's on the other side of the road right by the 1&9/21/22 split. So I need to go into Newark, find a place to turn around, & then get back on 1&9 south. Grr. I get him out of the car, and start to head back. The Turnpike has an accident at exit 12 & exit 10 southbound, so that's out, and Rt. 1 is moving at 25 mph the whole way because it's mostly flooded. Dammit.

Finally I get back, and Carmello sends me to the Sheriton for another airport. But they seem to be gone already. Instead I find 2 guys going to the mall, and a guy going to Metro.

I shoot down to Fords, and grab a waitress from the Menlo Diner. She's pissed she's been waiting over an hour, but I'm in a good mood (somehow) and I manage to smooth her over.

From there back to Metro area, Wood Ave corporate guy going to Iselin. He was cool. From LA originally, and very laid back.

Then I get this huge Indian guy going to the mall, I can barely understand him, and he can't decide whether he wants to go to Woodbridge or Menlo. I dump him at Woodbridge and practically toss him out of the moving car.

Applebees, a couple gets in the car and want to go to the Commerce Bank, then to Metro. I slam them for an extra $4 in waiting time. Traffic at Metro now sucks. Bad.

Hilton. To the Sheraton. Gorgeous. Accent. Athlete. This British guy (with great teeth too!) is here to play in the world championship Cricket tournament. But it's rained out. It was supposed to air on Pay-Per-View. I tell him that I have never seen a Cricket game before, he tells me it's the most boring thing in the world so they had to soup it up, and this was like Cricket meets the WWFE. With pyro and everything. He tipped really well, and I didn't want to let him out of the car.

Menlo Mall a woman & her daughter to Village Drive.

Then it's quiet, so I head back to the office & Jen is headed home. I take her to the Forge.

Then a nice little triple. 2 different guys going to RJ's (strip club) & a girl going to the Galaxy. They all tipped. YAYY!

Then I sat in the office & bullshitted for a while, and gassed up since it was slow.

When I got back to the office Danny convinced me to do 2 locals, so I ran them really fast and here I am. Like I said, the last couple of days will be up tomorrow.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Daylight sucks

So I switched to the day shift. Sorry I've been slacking on posting, as a result I seem to have lost Monday's trip sheet, so I can't tell you about it. But I will do today & yesterday in this post. I'm really not digging the hours the money or the traffic, but I guess I have no choice.


First I went to get Jo-Jo & take him all over the world. He needed to go to the bank first, then he wanted to stop at Krauzers so he could call his guy, then we wait for the guy to walk down the street. Jo-Jo gets out, gets his shit, then we need to stop at the liquor store because he is buying Paulie some booze as a tip. Stop at the office to drop it off, then finally take him home. That was an entire hour.

Then I get an address over on Leesville. The girl comes out with a million bags & suitcases. I ask her where she's going, and she says Stamford. I incredulously ask her "Conneticut!?!" Yup that's where she's going. I call it in and Paulie says "Shit, see ya tomorrow" She is going to the train station there and has no idea how to get there. Paulie can't tell me either. His suggestion is stop at a gas station for directions once I get there. Great. So we head off, and she is screaming into her cell phone in Indian for half the trip. She insisted on sitting in the front seat right next to me, so this LOUD conversation is going on in my ear. Finally she gets off the phone and wants to talk to me. This actually turns out to be pretty cool, because she has only been here from India for like a year, and has never actually talked to anyone from here, and I have never really spent any time doing girl-talk with someone from India. It was very interesting to talk about the different views we had, as she had never dated anyone, and her marriage was arranged. She never even saw her husband before her wedding, and I could barely fathom this. They have been married 4 years now and are making things work because they have to. But overall very interesting conversation, she thought so too which she told me ad nauseaum. (She did make mention that she likes to talk a lot.) I ended up finding the station very easily (it was right off the exit) but I had to wait for her husband to arrive to pay me. It was $125 fare plus the tolls. I made it back in ok time, and had a fare 3 hours after I left. I did extremely well considering I was making my way back through NY between 4:30 & 5 pm.

I ran a Carteret to Woodbridge.

An ex-driver from Pathmark to the mall. (Whom I also went to thigh school with)

King Chef to the Sheraton. Some Chinese guys who wanted a receipt, and didn't tip.

Then a very bitter woman from Parsonage Road to Plaza Drive.

Then I'd had enough and went home.


First I had a Woodbridge to Metro. Pretty quiet guy. I was very unhappy with the daytime traffic at this point as I was very very tired and not in the mood to be here.

I was sitting at Metro for a little while when Paulie sends me to Hoes Lane to pick up the total bitch that everyone hates getting. She comes out a half an hour late. Then she was a complete bitch about it. When she was getting out I said have a good day, and she looked at me like I was nuts for talking to her, and slams the door. You're Welcome!

You know what this was the only interesting thing that I can recall happening all day, so I'm gonna end this here. Sorry.

(I am writing this up on Saturday) Tomorrow is Sunday, and I will be working my long night shift with Carmello, so tune in then for some real fun.

Monday, July 19, 2004


Last night was wicked busy so I will not bore you with every last excrutiating detail, but just the highlights. I booked an even $400 and walked off with $92 in tips. (That's good)  I haven't been working much lately trying to figure out what I wanted to do, since I pretty much cry every day when I have to go to work because of Steve. So I have come to the conclusion that I will go back to working on the day shift, and only work nights on Sundays with Carmello, cause he rocks. Only thing is work doesn't know this yet. So here it is 7:15am, and I need to get up in about 4 hrs to call work and find out if this is ok, then be there by noon. Yeah, it's gonna hurt.
So my day started out at 5pm, with a call from the Calire building to the Galaxy, there are 4 girls in this building who all work there, like some kind of little cult or something. Strange.
Next I buy a pack of cigarettes and deliver it to someone's house. Someone should really market a business like this. Delivering whatever you want to your house. We do pretty much whatever you want, but imagine you are stoned at 2am, and someone will bring you a soda and a bag of sunchips, or the proverbial pregnant woman her Rocky Road ice cream or whatever. They would make a killing with the right advertising.
Then there is a bunch of drama with a driver not being able to find a fare at the Turnpike rest stop. I head over there and she's standing in the middle of the road. How he missed her is beyond me, she looked like a drowned rat.
From there I get this great little run of people going to and around Carteret. 6 calls in less than an hour. Danny (the dispatcher on at the time) just kept feeding me call after call. Mostly doubling them up. It was great.  I got someone from the train in to Carteret,  a stripper going to Breathless, a regular who works at Pathmark going home, a couple to the laundromat, a guy going to work on Blair, and another dude going to the strip club.  $51 in all.
Then a very nice lady from A&P to Fords. I take her all the time, she never remembers me, and even when I tell her I know where she lives, she still insists on giving me directions. With her I get a Mexican from the office going to New Brunswick. This would be great if not for the fact that every Sunday I take off for 1 hour at 9 to go watch 6 Feet Under, the only TV I watch, and it is now 8:30 and POURING rain. Damn gonna miss some of that. I rushed back and was only a little late. (It rocked last night by the way. David almost got killed by a psycho mugger guy. If you do not watch this show, there is something wrong with you and you should begin immediately.) (Unless you are my little cousin, in which case there is no need for you to watch it. Please don't your mother will kill me.)
Then I got back on the air, ran a few small ones, and got some food. Good thing I did this now as I did not get a chance to stop running for pretty much the rest of the night.
I went and picked up Jo-Jo next. Jo-Jo is a crackhead. He is also a really nice guy. He always pays his fare, and will generally not dick you around. He goes from his house to Chrome to get what he will tell you is just a little weed, but you do not go to the ghetto and find the black dude on the corner for a dimebag of pot. I got him, and stopped at the pay phone so he could call his guy. We drive around, and the dude is not there, there are cops driving all around us, and I'm beginning to freak out as he has me do like 4 trips around Chrome. Finally he says forget it, and as I'm stopped behind someone making a left, some black guy gets in the car. I get ready to freak and Jo-Jo tells me he called him over, just relax and drive. They make their deal, and he gets out. Thanks alot Jo-Jo.
Next I get a guy from Carteret who's going home to Jersey City, he was pretty cool, and he gives me easy directions back to 1&9 so I can grab some people from the airport on the way back. This is a good run $90 in like 45 minutes. Doubles like that are great. No wasted time.
Then I get tripled up from the train station to Avenel. Yayy.
I run over to Breathless and pick up Kevin from BHT. Kevin is a very large (and by large, I  mean very fat)  Indian guy who goes to all the strip clubs every night. He has this disgusting woman with him, who is also pretty large, but is wearing a miniskirt and tube top.  She also has her eyebrows shaved off, penciled in about 3 inches above where nature intended them, and has the space filled in with so much blue eyeshadow, it looks like grease-paint. They fight the whole way.
2 drunken biker-type dudes get in the car with the tiniest chiuaua I've ever seen. Very manly.
A few other calls happen, but not too much excitement. 
And 1 airport, where are the cops when you need them. They give us so much shit, when we pull up there, just to drop off, that we pretty much need to throw the fare out of the moving car. I got stuck for 10 minutes behind some asshole who parked in the middle lane, left his dog in the car and disappeared. Wonderful.
Ok, there is probably more I want to say, but it's 8am now and I need to be up in 3 hours. So I'm going to attempt some sleep now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I'm back..

But man I wish I wasn't. Grr.

So my first call was with the 4-9 dispatcher, that's why it was a decent call. It was 2 Indian guys going from Best Buy to the Edison Family restaurant. They weren't very eventful, however what I passed along the way was. There was some guy who had JUST gotten hit by a car. I didn't see too much on the way to the restaurant, but as I passed by on the way back I could see that this guy was bent in ways the human body was never meant to. (I saw Final destination 2 the other day, have you seen it? Or the first one for that matter? It was like that.) The worst part of it was as I drove by, I had no choice but to run over the sneaker that was in the road, due to the police now beginning to arrive. I really hope his foot wasn't in it. Eww.

Then Steve arrived for the night. Yay. He chases me from Oak Tree Road to Ideal Trailer Park. (Which is far, for those of you who don't live here.) For a $5 fare. (Chasing is when they send you from 1 end of the world to the other and then back to the first side of the world for crappy fares)

Then I went to the train and grabbed a very soaking wet (but good natured) guy to Aspen Manor.

Sit in the parking lot. (Good thing I brought a magazine today.)

The crazy asian broad from JC Penny's to Bergen Street. She must have been able to tell I was in a bad mood tonight because she seemed to (thankfully) have toned down the lunacy.

Back to the parking lot.

P.C.'s brother called for a ride home to the hotel they live in together. Usually the dispatchers will say "Let him take care of you" which means "Don't write it down, put what they give you in your pocket." (This is reserved for other drivers and the like) Steve knows this guy always hands you a $5 bill, so he insists that it be a $5 fare. Jerk. I know that 50 cents was really important to his night. (Dispatchers make 10%) He is always the guy to nickel & dime anyone.

Now he sends me to pick up Aldo at the airport. (I knew this was coming, the earlier dispatcher told me to make sure to take the only van we have on the road right now specifically because this call was coming in) Aldo is returning from his vacation in Florida with his wife baby another chick, and about 20 suitcases. This is a $120 fare as Aldo lives in south Brunswick. It rained all day here so a lot of flights were delayed until just this minute apparently. The traffic leading into the terminal pickup area was backed up to infinity. It took me 14 minutes to get there, and 1/2 an hour to find him. Finally I get him in the car and get some good bitching about Steve in. At least put some bug in his ear about all the fares & drivers we are losing at night. I get him home, and he tells me to put the $120 down as a charge, and he will call Steve and let him know so I don't get yelled at. He also hands me $40. Thanks Aldo! There's my Ozzfest ticket! On the way back Steve tells me to add the 15% gratuity to it as well. No Problem. This brings my pocket to an even $100 for that fare. Thank god, this is just about all the money I'll make all night.

Parking lot again.

He sends me to an address on Green Street that I know is next door to a blacklisted house. I mention to Steve that this is the case and they seem to be coming out of the bad house. He yells at me and tells me to take them anyway. So glad we have that blacklist. They come to the car and tell me that their drunk friend has prank called us and is not coming out. Again I tell Steve and get no response. I hear the address go out again about 20 minutes later. He is still sending drivers there. (And he calls us stupid!) I am wondering if some address was blacklisted for like robbing and raping a driver, if he would still send us there anyway.

Back to the Parking lot.

Howie goes home from the bar. He goes on in his normal monotone drone about all his family problems. Honestly I didn't hear a word.

Now I don't get a call for over 2 hours. I hear others going out, but whatever.

Next I think he gets strapped because I hear him asking someone else how fast they can get back. (We can only hear the dispatcher side of the conversation over the air) He sighs and sends me to get an airport. (BTW this airport and the Aldo call are the only calls I get over $5.50 while he's on.) These people got REALLY mad at me for taking the turnpike instead of the Parkway. The parkway goes 10 miles out of the way, and takes a lot longer. I tell them this and they bitch that now they have to pay for the tolls. I can't win, I save them money by taking Route 1, they want the faster (not really, but it seems to them) Turnpike (no lights), I save them time (or so they seem to think) and they want to save money. Whatever. I do what I feel like now, as I'm gonna get bitched at either way. When they ask me how much for the tolls I tell them $2.40. I hear her whispering in the back that I only gave the toll collector $1.40. I freaked her out by saying: "Yes, it's $1.40, but you pay round trip tolls, which makes it $2.40. So yes, your total is $32.40." She shut up really fast.

I came back and took one guy to work at Lowes, and gassed up. I said "See you tomorrow" to Steve on the way out the door, he said nothing. Oh Well.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I'll be back... (spoken in governor-ese)

Don't worry guys, I'll definitely be back soon, I'm taking a small hiatus from work until I can get along with Steve. I'm going back to work in the next couple of days, I promise!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Fuck Steve

Let me just get this off my chest. Steve is a fucking jerk. He treats everyone like complete shit and thinks it's funny. "Yeah I'm a dick, so what. Everyone is below me anyway." He treats the fares horribly, and us drivers even worse. It's not right, and it's not fair. I'm sick of getting screamed at, both by him, and the fares that are pissed because he yelled at them, or hung up on them or whatever. He is a greedy selfish pig-headed egomaniac and the rest of us suffer because of it. He needs to realize that he is not the only person in the world who has problems, and gets tired or irritable, and there is no need to take it out on all of us. He may be able to talk to his wife that way, but I am not fucking him, and therefore I am not going to take it much longer.

PS - I am really angry this morning, (can you tell?) so I apologise for the cursing rant.

I am pretty tired, and can't really keep my eyes open, (and I still need to drive home) Plus with as angry as I am all my writing will be jaded. So I will write about the night later when I wake up. 2-ish or so. Sorry.

Friday, July 02, 2004


Well, the night was going ok, but it ended pretty crappy.

First fare was 2 of the wait staff going from Jose Tejas to Carteret. They were pretty quiet, and live in one of the paradoxes of the world, they live on Oakwood which is off of Oakwood. Carteret is a weird town.

Next was the White Rose guy. He complained of not sleeping, welcome to my world dude.

Then a quiet kid going from town to Iselin. Tipped pretty well.

I go to pick up this Indian guy from a restaurant, and bring him down Green Street. His fare is $6.50. We get there, and he hands me $6.25. I point this out and he says "that's all you get." Motherfucker. This angers me. But I'm trying not to be crazy mad bitch lately, so I decide not to argue, instead I kick him out of the cab, and peel off.

Next I pick up a girl from Champps, who need to be at her train in 7 minutes. She's so happy I got there as fast as I did to begin with. She lives in Manhatten, and has just worked a double. She really wants to make her train. I get her there with time to spare and she tips $5.

The next lady I pick up is also a waitress, and has also just worked a double. She's from Charlie Brown's and smells really bad. I didn't get rid of her stench for a while.

From there I go all the way up to Inman & Grove, and find a small complex of projects. I get to the apartment I need, and see a guy heading for me. Very Very slowly, he is limping. Finally he gets to the window, and tells me the fare is gone. Wonderful.

I spend some time in the office, Carmello is just leaving and Steve is just starting. I listen to them talk shit for a while and get 1 call. It's some kid going from Maple Hill to Fords. He spends 5 minutes staring at me out the window before realizing, yes, I am his cab.

I sit in the office for a little while longer, while Steve tells me that no, he doesn't hate me, I just annoy him because I talk, and he wants to be left alone. I tell him he could just tell me this instead of yelling at me all the time. And I guess I just won't talk to him anymore.

A call comes in for this strange little road named Rainbow Ct. They are supposed to be going to Manhattan. The road is only sort of on the map. It is not actually drawn anywhere, it's just listed somewhat in the area it is supposed to be. I drove around for 20 minutes trying to find it. Finally I find this house, they wanted the cab at 1:30, I wasn't too late. I beep. And I beep. And I beep. There are some kind of Arab dudes wandering in and out of the house. People hanging out on the front porch, no one even acknowledging I am there. Finally at 2:10 a man with the thingie on his head, and a women finally get in the car, while still hanging out bullshitting. Assholes. So we head off and they are going to Battery Park. We make it almost all the way there with no calamities. Just about there when the dude tells me that he will be going on to Long Island after we drop the woman off. This information would have been more useful YESTERDAY! So I call Steve and he agrees to do the whole thing for $150 plus tolls, they seem to be fine with this. So I drop the woman off and get some vague directions towards the Midtown Tunnel. On my way again. FDR Drive is closed and has some crazy detour, but I find it. Head throughout the tunnel, and get on the LIE. Now the LIE is closed 1 exit before I need to get off it. Thankfully I find out that that particular highway has a service road that runs directly next to it. This helps a LOT! So I drop him off and thankfully he gives me really really easy directions back. I'd rather not be lost in Long Island at 4am thank you. He also just thrusts an entire handful of bills at me, which turns out to be close to a $30 tip after I change my route as to avoid a bunch of tolls. Woo Hoo!

I get back to NJ, and Steve is surprised I made such good time. There was traffic on the belt, but I spent the majority of the trip doing 70 or better, so it totally made up for any traffic I hit anywhere. Riding down the belt was actually pretty nice, there was heat lightning going on around me, and a HUGE full orange moon. Plus the water always looks prettier at night, you can't tell how dirty it is.

So once I'm back over the bridges, Steve gives me a call over near Menlo Mall. Well, let's just say that's not where I went. I am the first one to admit, I fucked up. Bad. This is the first time I have EVER fucked up that bad that I went somewhere so wrong, I couldn't fix the mistake in a minute or two. So he had to send someone else to the call, and the woman was picked up very late. I feel just terrible about it, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Let's just see if tomorrow suffers for it. He pretty much sent me home after that.

But speaking of home I am headed there now, I'm pretty tired after my wild duel-state sojourn. I'm hoping to get up early and go to the movies today. Well, till tomorrow...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bang Bang

Nothing overly exciting tonight, if you want the real action, check in on the weekends, that's when most of the craziness happens.

First call was a regular that goes from Carteret to the White Rose. He's always quiet when I have him, but I've heard other drivers say he comes out with some pretty weird stuff. Last one I heard was witchcraft (not Wiccan) rituals or something.

Next was this guy from Brooklyn (who says he's just visiting, yet I picked him up from "work") going from Charlie's Angels to Perth Amboy. He swears he wasn't in the strip club, just went there from the trucking company he works at to call a cab because it's a landmark. OK. I wouldn't care either way, but he was so adamantly swearing it without any provocation. I thought he was going to beat me cause he had to go in the house to get the money, and didn't have any personal belongings to leave for insurance. He took his sweet ass time coming out, but he did.

Then another regular, an old woman who works in the nursing home. She never looks very happy.

I picked up the older brother of an old friend from his job to the train station, but I didn't talk to him very much as I was on the phone his whole ride. It was the last day I could do so legally, as the statewide cell phone ban went into effect at midnight last night. (not that it'll really stop me.)

I switch cars since someone calls for a van job, and no one is in one at the moment. I like the van, not as ballsy as the cars, can't be taking any street races with a Windstar mini-van, but I still like the van for some reason. Comfortable. So anyway, they told the dispatcher they were 5 people, which makes it much more expensive. They were really 3 people 1 child & a baby. First of all they could have fit in a car, second, their fare could have been at least $5 cheaper than it was. Of course I didn't tell them this or anything since they were rude as hell. I was on my way there when the guy starts to tell me I don't know where I'm going. Which is why I have a license and he doesn't I guess. Then we get there and they decide to leave their 30 bags in the car while they check themselves into the hotel. Uh-uh, so I grabbed one of them and made her drag all the stuff out.

Then I took this Indian guy from Green Street to the Pioneer, he says something pretty funny, and true. As I turned a corner off of Oak Tree Road, there are about 10 people just wandering down the middle of the street. As I'm laying on my horn, I'm bitching about how there are sidewalks they could be using. He says yeah they never use them around here, I agree with him and he says: (this is the funny part) "it's like one big backyard to them" not hysterical to you maybe, but then you must have no idea what Oak Tree Road in Iselin is all about.

>>Ok so I was on my last fare here and got booted off aol, and lost the whole fucking thing. Dammit. I'll try again, but I seriously doubt it will be nearly as witty. I probably had like 1 sentence left to write.<<

Next was a black kid from Fords to Woodbridge, and my first decent tip of the night.

Then I head over to Mulberry Street (a bar) and find this kid who says he was in the bar with his dad and things got heated so he left. I ask him if he was in that bar, or the Elk Lodge and he says "Oh no, I can't drink, I'm only 16 years old". No Shit.

I grab a 6 pack and run it over to some guy, when I get out of the van and start to say something he shushes me violently, looks quickly toward the house as though someone is about to come running out of it, then looks at me like I'm crazy. Don't know what that was about.

One of the Mexicans home from Fridays.

Next I drive Mary home and she insists on telling me about the spider that bit her tit. Gross.

From there I run over to Breathless and find the Mexican who speaks great English from the other night. I have to tell you his English isn't as good when he's drunk! But he did tolerate my playing of Type O Negative's "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity" (I Know You're Fucking Someone Else) at top volume.

I snagged a guy off the train who seemed quite gay, and thought it was the wildest thing in the world when I told him I was having a brain fart as to where his street was located.

There was a ghost call in Carteret which put me right near the next call which was a chick who was paying $9 to go like 5 blocks cause she was too drunk to walk it. Hey, she tipped too!

Finally my last call was to Laguardia with this chick who was going to South Carolina, and then on to Texas, California, and wherever the wind blew her from there on a 6 week vacation. It must be nice. I actually felt bad for her though. When she called yesterday to make the appointment, she told them her flight was at 8:30, so she needed to be there by 7. Whoever it was told her we would need to pick her up by 4am. Whoops, she wasn't happy she got there at 5am. 3 1/2 hours early. She just figured it was a 3 hour drive. She actually asked me what she was supposed to tip. Maybe it's me, but how do you answer that question? I told her I guess the same as a waitress like 15%. She gave me $20. Not too bad. I've gone to Laguardia and gotten $1. Hell I went to Kennedy for nothing once. Bastards.

Somehow I managed to get back to town in 1/2 an hour. (Probably illegally, but we gotta have fun somehow right?)

Like I said, Thursdays Fridays & Sundays are when you'll find all the real fun stuff, so I'm sorry if this was a little boring for you!

Goodnight! :)

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