Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bang Bang

Nothing overly exciting tonight, if you want the real action, check in on the weekends, that's when most of the craziness happens.

First call was a regular that goes from Carteret to the White Rose. He's always quiet when I have him, but I've heard other drivers say he comes out with some pretty weird stuff. Last one I heard was witchcraft (not Wiccan) rituals or something.

Next was this guy from Brooklyn (who says he's just visiting, yet I picked him up from "work") going from Charlie's Angels to Perth Amboy. He swears he wasn't in the strip club, just went there from the trucking company he works at to call a cab because it's a landmark. OK. I wouldn't care either way, but he was so adamantly swearing it without any provocation. I thought he was going to beat me cause he had to go in the house to get the money, and didn't have any personal belongings to leave for insurance. He took his sweet ass time coming out, but he did.

Then another regular, an old woman who works in the nursing home. She never looks very happy.

I picked up the older brother of an old friend from his job to the train station, but I didn't talk to him very much as I was on the phone his whole ride. It was the last day I could do so legally, as the statewide cell phone ban went into effect at midnight last night. (not that it'll really stop me.)

I switch cars since someone calls for a van job, and no one is in one at the moment. I like the van, not as ballsy as the cars, can't be taking any street races with a Windstar mini-van, but I still like the van for some reason. Comfortable. So anyway, they told the dispatcher they were 5 people, which makes it much more expensive. They were really 3 people 1 child & a baby. First of all they could have fit in a car, second, their fare could have been at least $5 cheaper than it was. Of course I didn't tell them this or anything since they were rude as hell. I was on my way there when the guy starts to tell me I don't know where I'm going. Which is why I have a license and he doesn't I guess. Then we get there and they decide to leave their 30 bags in the car while they check themselves into the hotel. Uh-uh, so I grabbed one of them and made her drag all the stuff out.

Then I took this Indian guy from Green Street to the Pioneer, he says something pretty funny, and true. As I turned a corner off of Oak Tree Road, there are about 10 people just wandering down the middle of the street. As I'm laying on my horn, I'm bitching about how there are sidewalks they could be using. He says yeah they never use them around here, I agree with him and he says: (this is the funny part) "it's like one big backyard to them" not hysterical to you maybe, but then you must have no idea what Oak Tree Road in Iselin is all about.

>>Ok so I was on my last fare here and got booted off aol, and lost the whole fucking thing. Dammit. I'll try again, but I seriously doubt it will be nearly as witty. I probably had like 1 sentence left to write.<<

Next was a black kid from Fords to Woodbridge, and my first decent tip of the night.

Then I head over to Mulberry Street (a bar) and find this kid who says he was in the bar with his dad and things got heated so he left. I ask him if he was in that bar, or the Elk Lodge and he says "Oh no, I can't drink, I'm only 16 years old". No Shit.

I grab a 6 pack and run it over to some guy, when I get out of the van and start to say something he shushes me violently, looks quickly toward the house as though someone is about to come running out of it, then looks at me like I'm crazy. Don't know what that was about.

One of the Mexicans home from Fridays.

Next I drive Mary home and she insists on telling me about the spider that bit her tit. Gross.

From there I run over to Breathless and find the Mexican who speaks great English from the other night. I have to tell you his English isn't as good when he's drunk! But he did tolerate my playing of Type O Negative's "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity" (I Know You're Fucking Someone Else) at top volume.

I snagged a guy off the train who seemed quite gay, and thought it was the wildest thing in the world when I told him I was having a brain fart as to where his street was located.

There was a ghost call in Carteret which put me right near the next call which was a chick who was paying $9 to go like 5 blocks cause she was too drunk to walk it. Hey, she tipped too!

Finally my last call was to Laguardia with this chick who was going to South Carolina, and then on to Texas, California, and wherever the wind blew her from there on a 6 week vacation. It must be nice. I actually felt bad for her though. When she called yesterday to make the appointment, she told them her flight was at 8:30, so she needed to be there by 7. Whoever it was told her we would need to pick her up by 4am. Whoops, she wasn't happy she got there at 5am. 3 1/2 hours early. She just figured it was a 3 hour drive. She actually asked me what she was supposed to tip. Maybe it's me, but how do you answer that question? I told her I guess the same as a waitress like 15%. She gave me $20. Not too bad. I've gone to Laguardia and gotten $1. Hell I went to Kennedy for nothing once. Bastards.

Somehow I managed to get back to town in 1/2 an hour. (Probably illegally, but we gotta have fun somehow right?)

Like I said, Thursdays Fridays & Sundays are when you'll find all the real fun stuff, so I'm sorry if this was a little boring for you!

Goodnight! :)


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