Thursday, July 22, 2004

Daylight sucks

So I switched to the day shift. Sorry I've been slacking on posting, as a result I seem to have lost Monday's trip sheet, so I can't tell you about it. But I will do today & yesterday in this post. I'm really not digging the hours the money or the traffic, but I guess I have no choice.


First I went to get Jo-Jo & take him all over the world. He needed to go to the bank first, then he wanted to stop at Krauzers so he could call his guy, then we wait for the guy to walk down the street. Jo-Jo gets out, gets his shit, then we need to stop at the liquor store because he is buying Paulie some booze as a tip. Stop at the office to drop it off, then finally take him home. That was an entire hour.

Then I get an address over on Leesville. The girl comes out with a million bags & suitcases. I ask her where she's going, and she says Stamford. I incredulously ask her "Conneticut!?!" Yup that's where she's going. I call it in and Paulie says "Shit, see ya tomorrow" She is going to the train station there and has no idea how to get there. Paulie can't tell me either. His suggestion is stop at a gas station for directions once I get there. Great. So we head off, and she is screaming into her cell phone in Indian for half the trip. She insisted on sitting in the front seat right next to me, so this LOUD conversation is going on in my ear. Finally she gets off the phone and wants to talk to me. This actually turns out to be pretty cool, because she has only been here from India for like a year, and has never actually talked to anyone from here, and I have never really spent any time doing girl-talk with someone from India. It was very interesting to talk about the different views we had, as she had never dated anyone, and her marriage was arranged. She never even saw her husband before her wedding, and I could barely fathom this. They have been married 4 years now and are making things work because they have to. But overall very interesting conversation, she thought so too which she told me ad nauseaum. (She did make mention that she likes to talk a lot.) I ended up finding the station very easily (it was right off the exit) but I had to wait for her husband to arrive to pay me. It was $125 fare plus the tolls. I made it back in ok time, and had a fare 3 hours after I left. I did extremely well considering I was making my way back through NY between 4:30 & 5 pm.

I ran a Carteret to Woodbridge.

An ex-driver from Pathmark to the mall. (Whom I also went to thigh school with)

King Chef to the Sheraton. Some Chinese guys who wanted a receipt, and didn't tip.

Then a very bitter woman from Parsonage Road to Plaza Drive.

Then I'd had enough and went home.


First I had a Woodbridge to Metro. Pretty quiet guy. I was very unhappy with the daytime traffic at this point as I was very very tired and not in the mood to be here.

I was sitting at Metro for a little while when Paulie sends me to Hoes Lane to pick up the total bitch that everyone hates getting. She comes out a half an hour late. Then she was a complete bitch about it. When she was getting out I said have a good day, and she looked at me like I was nuts for talking to her, and slams the door. You're Welcome!

You know what this was the only interesting thing that I can recall happening all day, so I'm gonna end this here. Sorry.

(I am writing this up on Saturday) Tomorrow is Sunday, and I will be working my long night shift with Carmello, so tune in then for some real fun.


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