Monday, July 19, 2004


Last night was wicked busy so I will not bore you with every last excrutiating detail, but just the highlights. I booked an even $400 and walked off with $92 in tips. (That's good)  I haven't been working much lately trying to figure out what I wanted to do, since I pretty much cry every day when I have to go to work because of Steve. So I have come to the conclusion that I will go back to working on the day shift, and only work nights on Sundays with Carmello, cause he rocks. Only thing is work doesn't know this yet. So here it is 7:15am, and I need to get up in about 4 hrs to call work and find out if this is ok, then be there by noon. Yeah, it's gonna hurt.
So my day started out at 5pm, with a call from the Calire building to the Galaxy, there are 4 girls in this building who all work there, like some kind of little cult or something. Strange.
Next I buy a pack of cigarettes and deliver it to someone's house. Someone should really market a business like this. Delivering whatever you want to your house. We do pretty much whatever you want, but imagine you are stoned at 2am, and someone will bring you a soda and a bag of sunchips, or the proverbial pregnant woman her Rocky Road ice cream or whatever. They would make a killing with the right advertising.
Then there is a bunch of drama with a driver not being able to find a fare at the Turnpike rest stop. I head over there and she's standing in the middle of the road. How he missed her is beyond me, she looked like a drowned rat.
From there I get this great little run of people going to and around Carteret. 6 calls in less than an hour. Danny (the dispatcher on at the time) just kept feeding me call after call. Mostly doubling them up. It was great.  I got someone from the train in to Carteret,  a stripper going to Breathless, a regular who works at Pathmark going home, a couple to the laundromat, a guy going to work on Blair, and another dude going to the strip club.  $51 in all.
Then a very nice lady from A&P to Fords. I take her all the time, she never remembers me, and even when I tell her I know where she lives, she still insists on giving me directions. With her I get a Mexican from the office going to New Brunswick. This would be great if not for the fact that every Sunday I take off for 1 hour at 9 to go watch 6 Feet Under, the only TV I watch, and it is now 8:30 and POURING rain. Damn gonna miss some of that. I rushed back and was only a little late. (It rocked last night by the way. David almost got killed by a psycho mugger guy. If you do not watch this show, there is something wrong with you and you should begin immediately.) (Unless you are my little cousin, in which case there is no need for you to watch it. Please don't your mother will kill me.)
Then I got back on the air, ran a few small ones, and got some food. Good thing I did this now as I did not get a chance to stop running for pretty much the rest of the night.
I went and picked up Jo-Jo next. Jo-Jo is a crackhead. He is also a really nice guy. He always pays his fare, and will generally not dick you around. He goes from his house to Chrome to get what he will tell you is just a little weed, but you do not go to the ghetto and find the black dude on the corner for a dimebag of pot. I got him, and stopped at the pay phone so he could call his guy. We drive around, and the dude is not there, there are cops driving all around us, and I'm beginning to freak out as he has me do like 4 trips around Chrome. Finally he says forget it, and as I'm stopped behind someone making a left, some black guy gets in the car. I get ready to freak and Jo-Jo tells me he called him over, just relax and drive. They make their deal, and he gets out. Thanks alot Jo-Jo.
Next I get a guy from Carteret who's going home to Jersey City, he was pretty cool, and he gives me easy directions back to 1&9 so I can grab some people from the airport on the way back. This is a good run $90 in like 45 minutes. Doubles like that are great. No wasted time.
Then I get tripled up from the train station to Avenel. Yayy.
I run over to Breathless and pick up Kevin from BHT. Kevin is a very large (and by large, I  mean very fat)  Indian guy who goes to all the strip clubs every night. He has this disgusting woman with him, who is also pretty large, but is wearing a miniskirt and tube top.  She also has her eyebrows shaved off, penciled in about 3 inches above where nature intended them, and has the space filled in with so much blue eyeshadow, it looks like grease-paint. They fight the whole way.
2 drunken biker-type dudes get in the car with the tiniest chiuaua I've ever seen. Very manly.
A few other calls happen, but not too much excitement. 
And 1 airport, where are the cops when you need them. They give us so much shit, when we pull up there, just to drop off, that we pretty much need to throw the fare out of the moving car. I got stuck for 10 minutes behind some asshole who parked in the middle lane, left his dog in the car and disappeared. Wonderful.
Ok, there is probably more I want to say, but it's 8am now and I need to be up in 3 hours. So I'm going to attempt some sleep now.


Blogger fleamktdude said...

hey checkerchick , i stumbled upon your blog and laughed my a** off ! you see i grew up in iselin nj and left for so. florida 20 years ago .
i used to hang at the pioneer tavern and remember dodging dot heads in the wee hours of the morning myself.
carteret is the armpit of the universe .
get outta jersey ! come on down ! look forward to more posts ! keep strokin ! fleamktdude

5:23 PM  
Blogger Checkerchick said...

Hey thanks fleamktdude! It's nice to see that anyone is actually reading this crap!! I actually lived in Fl. for a little while myself, and applaud you for managing to get out & remain that way! Thanks for the wonderful comment, and I'm glad you like it!

10:19 PM  

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