Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I'm back..

But man I wish I wasn't. Grr.

So my first call was with the 4-9 dispatcher, that's why it was a decent call. It was 2 Indian guys going from Best Buy to the Edison Family restaurant. They weren't very eventful, however what I passed along the way was. There was some guy who had JUST gotten hit by a car. I didn't see too much on the way to the restaurant, but as I passed by on the way back I could see that this guy was bent in ways the human body was never meant to. (I saw Final destination 2 the other day, have you seen it? Or the first one for that matter? It was like that.) The worst part of it was as I drove by, I had no choice but to run over the sneaker that was in the road, due to the police now beginning to arrive. I really hope his foot wasn't in it. Eww.

Then Steve arrived for the night. Yay. He chases me from Oak Tree Road to Ideal Trailer Park. (Which is far, for those of you who don't live here.) For a $5 fare. (Chasing is when they send you from 1 end of the world to the other and then back to the first side of the world for crappy fares)

Then I went to the train and grabbed a very soaking wet (but good natured) guy to Aspen Manor.

Sit in the parking lot. (Good thing I brought a magazine today.)

The crazy asian broad from JC Penny's to Bergen Street. She must have been able to tell I was in a bad mood tonight because she seemed to (thankfully) have toned down the lunacy.

Back to the parking lot.

P.C.'s brother called for a ride home to the hotel they live in together. Usually the dispatchers will say "Let him take care of you" which means "Don't write it down, put what they give you in your pocket." (This is reserved for other drivers and the like) Steve knows this guy always hands you a $5 bill, so he insists that it be a $5 fare. Jerk. I know that 50 cents was really important to his night. (Dispatchers make 10%) He is always the guy to nickel & dime anyone.

Now he sends me to pick up Aldo at the airport. (I knew this was coming, the earlier dispatcher told me to make sure to take the only van we have on the road right now specifically because this call was coming in) Aldo is returning from his vacation in Florida with his wife baby another chick, and about 20 suitcases. This is a $120 fare as Aldo lives in south Brunswick. It rained all day here so a lot of flights were delayed until just this minute apparently. The traffic leading into the terminal pickup area was backed up to infinity. It took me 14 minutes to get there, and 1/2 an hour to find him. Finally I get him in the car and get some good bitching about Steve in. At least put some bug in his ear about all the fares & drivers we are losing at night. I get him home, and he tells me to put the $120 down as a charge, and he will call Steve and let him know so I don't get yelled at. He also hands me $40. Thanks Aldo! There's my Ozzfest ticket! On the way back Steve tells me to add the 15% gratuity to it as well. No Problem. This brings my pocket to an even $100 for that fare. Thank god, this is just about all the money I'll make all night.

Parking lot again.

He sends me to an address on Green Street that I know is next door to a blacklisted house. I mention to Steve that this is the case and they seem to be coming out of the bad house. He yells at me and tells me to take them anyway. So glad we have that blacklist. They come to the car and tell me that their drunk friend has prank called us and is not coming out. Again I tell Steve and get no response. I hear the address go out again about 20 minutes later. He is still sending drivers there. (And he calls us stupid!) I am wondering if some address was blacklisted for like robbing and raping a driver, if he would still send us there anyway.

Back to the Parking lot.

Howie goes home from the bar. He goes on in his normal monotone drone about all his family problems. Honestly I didn't hear a word.

Now I don't get a call for over 2 hours. I hear others going out, but whatever.

Next I think he gets strapped because I hear him asking someone else how fast they can get back. (We can only hear the dispatcher side of the conversation over the air) He sighs and sends me to get an airport. (BTW this airport and the Aldo call are the only calls I get over $5.50 while he's on.) These people got REALLY mad at me for taking the turnpike instead of the Parkway. The parkway goes 10 miles out of the way, and takes a lot longer. I tell them this and they bitch that now they have to pay for the tolls. I can't win, I save them money by taking Route 1, they want the faster (not really, but it seems to them) Turnpike (no lights), I save them time (or so they seem to think) and they want to save money. Whatever. I do what I feel like now, as I'm gonna get bitched at either way. When they ask me how much for the tolls I tell them $2.40. I hear her whispering in the back that I only gave the toll collector $1.40. I freaked her out by saying: "Yes, it's $1.40, but you pay round trip tolls, which makes it $2.40. So yes, your total is $32.40." She shut up really fast.

I came back and took one guy to work at Lowes, and gassed up. I said "See you tomorrow" to Steve on the way out the door, he said nothing. Oh Well.


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its your little cuzin...HI i havent tlaked to you in a while but i cheack ur site every day..im realy busy and im leaveing soon..but call me on my cell w/e ... any time between 8 am and 2 am..lol..yea..so HI..and BYE...ttyl!

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