Friday, July 23, 2004

Rain Wash O'er Me

Ok, so it's freakin POURING!!! Yuk. (Tuesday & Thursday's posts are drafted on my computer at home, so I will put them up tomorrow.)  As soon as I pulled up at the office this morning & put my car in park the skies opened up. Figures. Then there were no cars for an hour so I sat around  & waited.

Finally a car comes in, and I take an Indian woman her daughter to Carteret. On the way I pick up these 2 little boys and drop them in Port Reading. The thing about it that bothered me was they couldn't have been a day over 12 if that even, and as soon as they got out of the car they both lit cigarettes. I smoked young too, but seeing it just bothered me.

Then I get a woman in Carteret to the food stamp place in Perth Amboy. She has "skinny bald Puerto Rican Carl" (her words not mine) pay for her.

Next the Hess Plaza building to the Ramada by the airport. This ride sucks!! It's past the airport on 1&9 south. No one could tell me if it was past the airport or not though. So I take the Turnpike up through exit 13, and fight my way over to Rt. 1 through Elizabeth. Rt. 1 is a fucking mess, it's absolutely torrential rain. So I see the hotel, but it's on the other side of the road right by the 1&9/21/22 split. So I need to go into Newark, find a place to turn around, & then get back on 1&9 south. Grr. I get him out of the car, and start to head back. The Turnpike has an accident at exit 12 & exit 10 southbound, so that's out, and Rt. 1 is moving at 25 mph the whole way because it's mostly flooded. Dammit.

Finally I get back, and Carmello sends me to the Sheriton for another airport. But they seem to be gone already. Instead I find 2 guys going to the mall, and a guy going to Metro.

I shoot down to Fords, and grab a waitress from the Menlo Diner. She's pissed she's been waiting over an hour, but I'm in a good mood (somehow) and I manage to smooth her over.

From there back to Metro area, Wood Ave corporate guy going to Iselin. He was cool. From LA originally, and very laid back.

Then I get this huge Indian guy going to the mall, I can barely understand him, and he can't decide whether he wants to go to Woodbridge or Menlo. I dump him at Woodbridge and practically toss him out of the moving car.

Applebees, a couple gets in the car and want to go to the Commerce Bank, then to Metro. I slam them for an extra $4 in waiting time. Traffic at Metro now sucks. Bad.

Hilton. To the Sheraton. Gorgeous. Accent. Athlete. This British guy (with great teeth too!) is here to play in the world championship Cricket tournament. But it's rained out. It was supposed to air on Pay-Per-View. I tell him that I have never seen a Cricket game before, he tells me it's the most boring thing in the world so they had to soup it up, and this was like Cricket meets the WWFE. With pyro and everything. He tipped really well, and I didn't want to let him out of the car.

Menlo Mall a woman & her daughter to Village Drive.

Then it's quiet, so I head back to the office & Jen is headed home. I take her to the Forge.

Then a nice little triple. 2 different guys going to RJ's (strip club) & a girl going to the Galaxy. They all tipped. YAYY!

Then I sat in the office & bullshitted for a while, and gassed up since it was slow.

When I got back to the office Danny convinced me to do 2 locals, so I ran them really fast and here I am. Like I said, the last couple of days will be up tomorrow.


Blogger fleamktdude said...

hey checkerchick , thanks for the reply to my comments ! i really enjoy readin this shit !
"skinny bald puerto rican carl" ! lololol
drive slow and have a nice day ! fleamktdude

7:36 AM  
Blogger Checkerchick said...

No prob! :)

9:48 PM  
Blogger Key said...

Hi from Jersey City. I just discovered your blog and I have enjoyed reading it. In your June archives you mention stopping writing it, that's it's cheesy. It is the opposite of cheesy, and I hope you keep posting.

10:08 PM  

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