Friday, July 02, 2004


Well, the night was going ok, but it ended pretty crappy.

First fare was 2 of the wait staff going from Jose Tejas to Carteret. They were pretty quiet, and live in one of the paradoxes of the world, they live on Oakwood which is off of Oakwood. Carteret is a weird town.

Next was the White Rose guy. He complained of not sleeping, welcome to my world dude.

Then a quiet kid going from town to Iselin. Tipped pretty well.

I go to pick up this Indian guy from a restaurant, and bring him down Green Street. His fare is $6.50. We get there, and he hands me $6.25. I point this out and he says "that's all you get." Motherfucker. This angers me. But I'm trying not to be crazy mad bitch lately, so I decide not to argue, instead I kick him out of the cab, and peel off.

Next I pick up a girl from Champps, who need to be at her train in 7 minutes. She's so happy I got there as fast as I did to begin with. She lives in Manhatten, and has just worked a double. She really wants to make her train. I get her there with time to spare and she tips $5.

The next lady I pick up is also a waitress, and has also just worked a double. She's from Charlie Brown's and smells really bad. I didn't get rid of her stench for a while.

From there I go all the way up to Inman & Grove, and find a small complex of projects. I get to the apartment I need, and see a guy heading for me. Very Very slowly, he is limping. Finally he gets to the window, and tells me the fare is gone. Wonderful.

I spend some time in the office, Carmello is just leaving and Steve is just starting. I listen to them talk shit for a while and get 1 call. It's some kid going from Maple Hill to Fords. He spends 5 minutes staring at me out the window before realizing, yes, I am his cab.

I sit in the office for a little while longer, while Steve tells me that no, he doesn't hate me, I just annoy him because I talk, and he wants to be left alone. I tell him he could just tell me this instead of yelling at me all the time. And I guess I just won't talk to him anymore.

A call comes in for this strange little road named Rainbow Ct. They are supposed to be going to Manhattan. The road is only sort of on the map. It is not actually drawn anywhere, it's just listed somewhat in the area it is supposed to be. I drove around for 20 minutes trying to find it. Finally I find this house, they wanted the cab at 1:30, I wasn't too late. I beep. And I beep. And I beep. There are some kind of Arab dudes wandering in and out of the house. People hanging out on the front porch, no one even acknowledging I am there. Finally at 2:10 a man with the thingie on his head, and a women finally get in the car, while still hanging out bullshitting. Assholes. So we head off and they are going to Battery Park. We make it almost all the way there with no calamities. Just about there when the dude tells me that he will be going on to Long Island after we drop the woman off. This information would have been more useful YESTERDAY! So I call Steve and he agrees to do the whole thing for $150 plus tolls, they seem to be fine with this. So I drop the woman off and get some vague directions towards the Midtown Tunnel. On my way again. FDR Drive is closed and has some crazy detour, but I find it. Head throughout the tunnel, and get on the LIE. Now the LIE is closed 1 exit before I need to get off it. Thankfully I find out that that particular highway has a service road that runs directly next to it. This helps a LOT! So I drop him off and thankfully he gives me really really easy directions back. I'd rather not be lost in Long Island at 4am thank you. He also just thrusts an entire handful of bills at me, which turns out to be close to a $30 tip after I change my route as to avoid a bunch of tolls. Woo Hoo!

I get back to NJ, and Steve is surprised I made such good time. There was traffic on the belt, but I spent the majority of the trip doing 70 or better, so it totally made up for any traffic I hit anywhere. Riding down the belt was actually pretty nice, there was heat lightning going on around me, and a HUGE full orange moon. Plus the water always looks prettier at night, you can't tell how dirty it is.

So once I'm back over the bridges, Steve gives me a call over near Menlo Mall. Well, let's just say that's not where I went. I am the first one to admit, I fucked up. Bad. This is the first time I have EVER fucked up that bad that I went somewhere so wrong, I couldn't fix the mistake in a minute or two. So he had to send someone else to the call, and the woman was picked up very late. I feel just terrible about it, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Let's just see if tomorrow suffers for it. He pretty much sent me home after that.

But speaking of home I am headed there now, I'm pretty tired after my wild duel-state sojourn. I'm hoping to get up early and go to the movies today. Well, till tomorrow...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatdo you mean you FUCKED UP where did you go instead of where you where suppost to go you cant end the story on a cliff hanger and thanks for offering me a ride last night i was DRUUUUUNK

2:38 PM  

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