Friday, August 06, 2004

3 cars 4 calls

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I didn't go to work much this week. I've been feeling like shit. Switching shifts is killing me. I miss the nights a lot.

So the first call I took was this guy from Seattle going from the Sheraton to Newark. He was pretty darn cool, and tipped well. Very nice, He kept telling me to make sure I marry for money. It was a fun ride.

Then I rush back to switch into the crappy van for a 2:30 appt. These indians finally come out at 10 to 3, and expect me to load all of their 100 lb. bags into the van. Bastards. This is the trip from HELL. The stupid terror warning has all the bridges & tunnels all blocked up for "security". This makes it a 4 hour trip. 2 hours each way. No air conditioning. Thankfully it's like October weather, or this would have been cause to jump off of one of said bridges. Radio is broken as well. I don't think I got over 40 mph the entire trip. So we get there, I lug all of the bags out of the car, and I tell them it's $111 with the tolls. Can you believe this indian dude actually pulls $111 out of his pocket hands it to me a starts to walk away?!? I have never said anything to a fare ever about having to tip, but I freaked out on this one. I told him they made me wait almost a half hour, I sat in all that traffic, I won't get back for at least 2 hours, and lugged their bags and I'll be goddamned if they think they aren't going to tip me. So he holds out a $5 bill, I grabbed it, slammed the door, and took off. Fuckers.

I didn't get back to the office until 7:00 so I ate something.

CVS to the mall. 2 asian lesbians. They talked in chinese or something the whole way.

Then back to the office.

Liberty Tavern to Bristol Arms up by Metro. He was a drunken mess telling me all about his DUI and asking my opinion. I don't know what to tell you dude. Then he tips me $10 and insists on giving me his phone number. He never even told me his name. Whatever.

I got gas and decided to leave it at that. I might go in tomorrow. Maybe not. Depends how I feel tomorrow.


Blogger Key said...

I don't know if this is ethical or even legal, but I really wish you had included a tip for yourself when you told the Indian guy the fare. If it burns me up that they did that to you I can only imagine how you felt.

Living in Jersey City without a car, I've come to know some cabdrivers, and for awhile I was using a company named King, which I found out later other cabdrivers called Al Qaeda. They were indeed middle Eastern, and basically treated me, a woman, like I shouldn't even be out of the house. Anyway, the point is, one of their tricks was to pull up to my house five to ten minutes before I asked for the pickup and then slam me with a waiting fee. Knowing full well that I got into the car at the exact time I asked for the pickup--I saw it on their meter--I refused to pay extra.

I'm not sure what this all has to do with you. I guees what I wanted to say is that there are yellow rat bastards in this world and they make sure they get paid. It would be nice to see the good people get paid as well.

Keep posting.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hangover BAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD no more jagermeister

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did the 5.00 bill smell like curry ?
where ya pick up the indians ? ford ave and u.s. 1 ?
or maybe up on oak tree road in iselin?
later , fleamktdude

7:04 PM  
Blogger Checkerchick said...

Lori, I'm so sorry to hear that cab company does that to you, that's absolutly horrible! I've found that people can generally be scum like that and will take every every chance they get. If you have an appt at a certain time, they shouldn't be able to charge you wait time until that appt time has passed. Thank you for the suggestion though, Believe it or not I actually thought about that on the loooong drive there. I just have no balls when it comes to lying & cheating people.

Fleamktdude, LOL they were from the Days Inn in Iselin actually, so you were close!

Jager, hmmm... must be Steve. You didn't seem that fucked up last night. And don't touch my damn radio. Get a job ya drunk.

10:02 PM  

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