Monday, August 23, 2004

If Ninjas came in...

I know I know, I'm writing this way late. I suck. It was a long night, and tips sucked. I also didn't have a chance to sleep all day Saturday, so I've now been awake since Friday night.

First was a very very strung out dude nodding out in the back seat from Breathless to the Center Bar in Carteret. He un-intentionally tipped me as he thrust a wad of bills at me.

Some dude went from Chrome to work at C&S on Blair.

An older woman and 2 teenage guys from St. James church to Port Reading. I pulled up to the house and passed the driveway by about 5 feet. (Only because they didn't tell me which house was theirs until we were passing it. People give you an address sometimes and immediately expect you to usher them to their doorstep, whether the house even has a number on it or not.) So now the kid keeps looking at me and saying the house number over and over again in a panicked voice. So I point at the house and say "yes there it is." I guess he expects me to pull up to the doorway or something. So I back up 2 feet and finally they get out. OK.

Then Dannys me to pick up Pathmark in Avenel. On my way he switches me with someone and says get the Loop instead. I guess the driver that was there didn't want to take the fare to Newark. I pulled up and (after a small argument with the security guards at the desk) find the fare they say they want to go to Newark Penn. Which is really easy to get to. But then they decide it's too expensive so they want to go to Rahway train instead. The Loop Motel must be a pretty crazy place because they have a gated entrance & handcuff toting desk clerks.

Washington Ave Carteret to West Park in Avenel. This guy is a regular back and forth from the house in Avenel. Some strange people come and go from that place.

7-11 Byron. He goes to the C&S warehouse. There are no trucks to unload tonight and he's pissed he spent the money to go to work for nothing.

Steve W a driver goes from work to the Tropical Bar, but then he decides it's too crowded in there, so he goes to Cancun instead.

Wegmans to Taco Bell. When I get to Taco Bell I see a dude playing with a kitten in the parking lot. It runs off and I see it's a dumpster cat. I stop to talk to him and he tells me he thinks it's injured. Either it had blood or ketchup all over it's head. We talk about it for a moment, and he heads off in search of it again.

Judy goes home from the REO.

Back to the REO. Some guy is going to Flynn funeral home. I have no idea why he's going here, it's 12:30 in the morning, and I don't think I want to know why.

Danny goes to the City Tavern.

The Legion supposedly 2 fares there. The bartender tells me the other guy wants to stop at Quick Check. I figure yeah it's slow, why not. His fare is $4.50 and when we finally get to his house he tells me he only has $2. Wonderful. I take it & throw him out. Back to the Legion for the bartender. He gets home without incident.

Chicken Galore to Carteret. I don't know why it takes those guys 3 plus hours to close up the shop & get out. I've done similar food service and never stayed longer than an hour after close time.

City Tavern to the Comfort Inn, a drunken fool of a business guy. He wants to stop for cigarettes, and keeps threatening to puke in my car. I tell him that I'd rather he didn't as this will make me puke, and then I'll have to clean up 2 people's puke and that isn't fair. We get there and he throws a $20 bill at me (his fare is $6.50) and runs out of the cab to puke. I yelled after him to make sure he drinks some water before he passes out.

Kevin the Indian stripper lover goes from Breathless home.

Coreja Ave in Iselin is going to Queens with a stop in Union City. Tim assures me that they speak English, and know where they are going. Wrong and wrong. No English, and they can't tell me a thing. So I get Tim on the horn, and he's able to give me a decent route. So off to Union City to drop the first chick off. Unlike the Blondie song this place is neither Blue nor in English. It's like Perth Amboy time 50. Every street is like Smith Street. Tons of spanish stores, and a light at every corner. Next through the Lincoln Tunnel, down 42nd street in search of the Queens Midtown Tunnel. I did see a video being filmed, though I couldn't tell who it was the cameraman was right in front of her, they were filming in a car. (Kind of looked like Britney though ::sigh::) I sort of get to the area this broad is going to, and she is grunting and pointing. Turns out she's pointing in the wrong direction. She's yelling at me in the only English she knows "103 Corona 103 Corona 103 Corona" Yes lady I know that's where you are going! Tim helps me turn around and find the place. And I toss her out. On my way back through the city I come across the largest collection of cops I have ever seen. In front of the Garden entrance to Penn Station, there are about (no joke) 1000 cops justt milling about. As I'm driving through this I'm describing the scene to Tim on the phone... maybe I should get off my cell phone while I'm driving through this many cops huh?

REO diner goes home from work to the Hollywood motel. She's amazingly hyper for 5am.

And finally a goes from Hopelawn to the airport. I have a hard time convincing him to come with me as he has called a limo service, but they passed the call on to us without him knowing it.

Finally I can go home and sleep!!


Blogger Key said...

Nice catching up with you, Checkerchick. One of the most interesting blogs out there. People are strange, aren't they?

Here in Jersey City I thought I found a great driver through Bergen Taxi. I work in Manhattan and it's a lot better to have them come to me than take a cab from NYC> Anyway, when I told him I was a graphic designer he offered to pay me $50 to design a taxi business card for him. Cool, I can do that pretty quickly.

Then one time I called for a pickup and he couldn't because he was in Kearny. OK, no big deal. Then word gets around that his girlfriend went apeshit when she saw my number, and called me twice and texted me the next morning. Luckily, I could tell it was bad news and didn't answer.

So I lost a great driver because he has a crazy girlfriend, and I have these designs for a taxi driver's business card and no one to give them too.

If you're interested I would let you have them, you could put Checkergirl on them and give them to people to call you directly for a pickup, or you could put your blog address on them. Just a thought, they're sharp and someone should used them.

Contact me at if you're interested. I hope you keep writing, and please be careful out there.

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