Sunday, August 22, 2004

So Sorry...

Sorry I haven't been updating guys. It's not that I'm ignoring you, I just haven't been in work very much. I've worked like 3 hours since my last post, and nothing really happened in those 3 hours. I really haven't been doing very well with these daytime hours. I miss nights really bad.

So last night sucked! First of all 5 of my 7 fares were so wasted they couldn't speak. Which normally would be a good thing, except for the fact that they tried to anyway. So I got a whole lot of "shrrarreaarrmmmmfmfmf".

First is Charlies Angels to Meinzer in Avenel. I've dropped this guy off at strip clubs before, but never had the pleasure of retrieving him. Guess I was lucky up till now.

Next. Howie. Drunk. I've never seen him this bad. He fell out the door of the bar. Stumbled into the van, and then fell out upon arrival at his house. He kept mumbling something about his Fitzgerald. Some guy he's in love with. I believe this is where Howie picked up his hiv.

JR's some couple from Stroudsberg PA. They kept calling saying they were at RJ's big difference. So when I got them in the car I explained the difference. Poor folks there were 2 old people sitting in there with them otherwise the place was empty. Someone told them to go to the Lemon Tree, but they didn't know where it was. (2 blocks away) They would have had a much better time. The guy said something I haven't heard in years. When I mentioned I used to live in Westchester, he said "Come in High & leave Gay" I had forgotten all about that joke. Ahh good old Westchester.

In between all these I spent plenty of time sitting in the office.

Carmine sends me to the train to get someone who will be pulling in any minute. I get there and Greg is passed out in his car. So I pull up in front of him, and wait 20 minutes while the train is late. Finally some frat boys come off of it carrying a giant blow up penis. Great. Then they walk completely around the van to Greg's car and bang on the window to wake him. Fine. Fuck 'em.

Head over to some apartments I didn't know existed at the end of McFarland, and pick up the dude from Woodbridge Village who used to go to Bunns Lane. He kept telling me how great the band that played Friday night at Jammers was. "They played all the hits, Steely Dan, & The Allman brothers and everything!!" Jeez can't believe I missed it. This is my personal radio station, trust me you won't find any Steely Dan on it.

Next the Main Tavern. Going to St. James in Woodbridge. He flipped when he heard the fare was $5. He says "what are we in a fucking depression?" So I say "Well at $2 a gallon of gas, pretty much yeah." He tells me it's coming out of my tip. Whatever dude. So he gives me a $2 tip & says "there would have been $3 more for you, but your dispatcher took it out of your pocket." So I guess he expected to go for $2. Yeah ok.

Plaza Drive an Indian broad going to Fiat in Iselin. She didn't tip. But she was mercifully quiet. That's tip in itself.

There is a van call to go to the airport at 5:45 at Sharon Gardens. I get there about 10 minutes early. Just in case they come out early. At 5:40 he comes out & tells me 10 minutes. I tell him waiting time starts at 5:45. So they take their sweet ass time coming out bringing 1 suitcase at a time. While I am waiting Carmine tells me that there is a group at the airport that will be going to Princeton for $105. This will definitely save my night. So next time I see the guy I ask him if he's almost ready I have to pick somebody else up & they are waiting. He says "Well our appt. WAS at 5:45 and you got here at 25 of." And? That's all the more reason you should be ready by now 5:56. Douche. Finally at 6:05 they get in the car and I tell them there is 20 minutes worth of waiting charge. The woman says "Oh no, he gave me a flat fee, and all I pay is $50. I told him we'd take time to load up, and he said that was no problem yesterday." I'm trying to stay calm, really I am. So I tell her he probably figured she meant like 5 minutes, and we can't eat 20 minutes worth of loading time. She wasn't happy. So I finally get them out of the van at the airport, and head off in search of these Princetonites. Now friggin Carmine didn't bother to get a phone number for them or even which door they were standing at. All he tells me is it's a woman wearing a black skirt at Continental. Great. I drove around that fucking airport for 50 minutes these people were nowhere to be found. I know they were waiting a while but I was definitely there within a 1/2 hour of their call. Dammit. I needed that call, aside from the near hour I lost searching for them. I ended up only booking $86 in 7 hours.

Then I decided Fuck you guys, I'm goin home. I'm gonna have to go in early tonight. So you should be hearing from me again soon.


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